Career Choice Crash Course for Parents

Six lessons your student needs to learn (and you need to teach them) about choosing a career path so they can avoid crashing

If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s likely that you are looking to help your son or daughter find the answer to that all-important question, “What am I going to do with my life?”

Maybe they’ve changed their minds a few times about their college major or career path. Or maybe they haven’t even started thinking about it yet!

Regardless, you’d like to help guide them in some way, without feeling too pushy. You’d like to help them find a career that is something that will interest, inspire, and fuel them (emotionally and financially) for years to come. Not only so you will be able to sleep well at night, but so your son or daughter will feel confident and excited about their future. Ultimately so they will be both successful and happy.

You know choosing a career is one of the most important decisions they will have to make, and you realize that NOW is the time to get it dialed in.

NOW, before they spend any more time or money (yours or theirs) on a college education.

NOW, before they’ve changed their major three times or stayed in school a few extra years.

NOW, before they’ve accumulated massive amounts of student-loan debt.

Did you know most people spend 72,000 hours of their life at work?
Did you know only 30% of people can truly say, “I love my work!”?

You can help your student “get in the driver’s seat” of their life now. You can help them plan and prepare to enjoy those 72,000 hours, to get the most out of that time instead of just surviving.

Won’t you, as a parent, sleep SO much better at night, knowing they are on the right track from the beginning?

The Career Choice Crash Course for Parents offers six lessons to help you and your student make the best choice possible for their future college and career path.

You will get instant access to the Career Choice Road Map and all six lessons of the Crash Course.

You will also receive access to a downloadable Career Choice Road Map, our 10-Step Process to Choosing a Career with Confidence.

Print it, hang it on your wall, and let it inspire you toward a bright future for your son or daughter!

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Your Instructors

Jim & Beth Hood
Jim & Beth Hood

We are Jim and Beth Hood. We struggled greatly with our college and career decisions, and as a result, we are passionate about helping students and their parents make better decisions—about college, career, AND money. So passionate that we wrote three books on college and career choices for students, and founded Test Drive Your Future.

We are equally excited about entrepreneurship and have built four successful businesses together. We’ve designed careers that allow us a great amount of freedom and flexibility to raise our family in beautiful Hawaii and are proud to be among the 30% who can truly say, “I love my work.”

Our vision is to inspire a community of young people to find careers they love and push the national average well beyond 30%!

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